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Meeting House Grand Ballroom We invite you to our family business. Collectively Mary & Randy and Todd & Tracy have over 80 years of restaurant and banquet experience. A family member has run the day to day operations of the Meeting House Grand Ballroom for the last 50 years. The knowledge of exceptional food and fine wine runs through the family veins. Outstanding food experiences are a topic of conversation at every family gathering. Each of us has traveled the globe visiting the finest restaurants and wineries the world has to offer. We have gained the (knowledge, experience) to train our staff to treat your guests like you would in your own home. Our meticulous hands-on attention to every detail has delighted thousands of brides and grooms. You are cordially invited to join our family of happy couples.


1964: Ralph and Mabel Lorenz ( Randy's parents & Todd's grandparents) purchase the Mayflower Meeting House.
Historic Michigan Wedding Reception Site
August 7, 1965
Historic Michigan Wedding Reception Site
Randy & Mary
1965: August 7th, the first wedding reception is held at the Meeting House uniting Randy's sister Sheila Lorenz and Fred Osann. Todd was born to the happy couple five years later.
1981: Randy Lorenz and Mary Nadolny are hired to manage the Round Table Club. The Club is a members only four star fine dining landmark in Plymouth. The Round Table Club, with its award winning wine list, was the location for numerous Chaine des Rotisseurs gourmet dinners. The Chaine is the world's oldest gourmet food and wine society marrying fine wine and renowned chefs.
1992: Todd and Tracy meet while working at the Mayflower Hotel / Meeting House Grand Ballroom. Tracy was a restaurant manager and Todd was honing his skills as a Chef. They tied the knot in 1996.
1994: Mary and Randy form Exclusive Catering Inc. and devote all their attentions to operating the Meeting House Grand Ballroom primarily as a wedding reception venue.
2014: Todd, Tracy, Mary and Randy celebrate 20 years of service to over 1,000 brides and grooms.

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